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What is a Crew Code?

You will need a crew code to be confirmed as crew.
Crew codes can be found on crew social media groups - or be shared by existing members. If you cannot discover a crew code within your crew community - please contact me to set-up an account for your airline and I will provide a crew code to share.

Whoever you are, you can use this website to search great places to visit, written by airline crew from around the world.
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If you are flight or cabin crew, you can add content to share within your own airline community, or share with the world.
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I don't have a crew code, what shall I do?... no problem, setup an account now and view all public posts, travel tips, funny stories and when you have your crew code - activate your crew account to view and post to your crew community or everyone.
Crew codes can be found on crew social media groups - or be shared by existing members. If you cannot discover a crew code within your crew community - please contact me to set-up an account for your airline and I will provide a crew code to share.

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You understand, all of the details submitted by you will be stored on a secure database. Only I, Anthony Salamone, have access to this database. The database is hosted by Godaddy, but permission to access the database can only be given by me. Passwords will be encrypted using salt and hash method. You have the right to be provided with: What information is being used. Why it is being used. Why it is being stored. By posting stories, posts, questions, replies, photographs and adding likes to other users stories, posts - you agree that Crew Travel Tips will make this available on Crew Travel Tips for others to view. The above mentioned, which you have selected to remain private to your airline only, I will ensure remains only visible to the airline you have selected; although I can give no guarantee a non crew member may have joined into an airline account. The above mentioned may also be contained and edited as I see fit, in emails I send to all users or selected users - depending on who (either your airline or everyone) it was posted for. You also understand and give permission, by signing up and using this site, that I may use anything you post in any promotional material without giving you any further notice - however I will always seek to contact you and get your agreement first. Please contact me if you need to know what information I am collecting about you to run this website.
By signing up and using this website:
You agree you are airline crew (if you submit a crew code to join a crew community). If you do not submit a crew code, I will assume you are a member of the public. Members of the public can also join Crew Travel Tips, but will have limited use of the site. You will also only be able to view posts, stories and questions which have been submitted to everyone. You agree that although I will do my best to ensure only airline crew join into crew accounts, I cannot fully guarantee that someone may join into an airline account and pose as an airline crew member. You agree that you are responsible for the content you submit and the security of the information it may contain.
Conditions of use and what you submit to Crew Travel Tips:
You agree at all times to conduct yourself in a way which is respectful to all who use this platform. Offensive behaviour will result in your account being deleted without any notice. Any photos submitted by you must belong to you, or you must have the permission to post them. Any posts must be yours, or be posted with the express permission of the original author.
By siging up and using Crew Travel Tips
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When you close your account:
Whenever you wish to close your account, all of your submitted details - except (your username, when you joined, when you closed your account, IP address and email address) - will be removed immediately. Your email address, IP address, date of joining and leaving will be removed within 24 hourss once I have reviewed it. This is to help me detect and prevent false accounts, bots or web scrapers. Any post, questions or photos, including profile pictures can be deleted by you, before you close your account, after which time I can decided to keep or remove the posts, questions or photos that you have left on the site. By leaving these posts, photos, questions behind - you are agreeing that I may then decided to remove or keep them. The username you selected will remain - this is to stop someone setting up a new account, using your previous username and then appearing to be you.
Security of this site
By using Crew Travel Tips, you understand that I need to prevent misuse of Crew Travel Tips. Any misuse of this site may result in your account being suspended. This could happen if you alter details in the URL, or other methods.
Updates to terms and conditions
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